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My own website was overdue for a redesign, because I have changed since my last redesign and the old design did not reflect my personality anymore. Also, I have added more content to the site since the old design. While the old design was versatile enough to accommodate new content, I wanted to start over to give it a design that takes everything into consideration so that everything feels more in place.

The main objective was to give the site a fresh look. My specific approach to achieving that was brightening the overall color scheme and simplifying the layout.

Because I wanted to present something sweet and refreshing, the color scheme was inspired by the ice cream flavors I like. Mint chocolate chip, Raspberry, and Vanilla. Color contrasts were checked to ensure accessibility.
The soft colors of mint and vanilla were used as background, the chocolate brown was the main text color, and the red-pink raspberry was used in moderation to accentuate particularly important text. Darkened version of mint green was used for hyperlinks.

My approach to design is always “less is more,” so only one font was used throughout the site to keep the appearance consistent. Lora font was chosen because it is classic yet contemporary.

On desktop layout, text-heavy parts were put in two columns to maximize readability and use of horizontal space while minimizing scrolling.

For Blog and Friends list items that didn’t need to be as wide were put in three column grids.

The ever-popular three line navigation toggle is used for mobile layouts. Grid items take full width on smaller screens to improve usability.

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