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Why You Should Have a Website

Sites by Jina sex worker escort website Why You Should Have a Website

Having a website shows that you are serious about your business. A proper website with its own domain increases the perceived legitimacy of a brand or a business. This is especially true in the case of our business, where scammers are rampant. By having a website, you signal that you are a sincere and thoughtful businessperson who makes investments into your work.

Your own website is unique to you. Directory site designs are dry, to say the least. Those sites are designed to show many listings effectively. Your profile looks the same as all the others. Browsers can easily wander off to another page. You can still make yourself shine with unique photography and well-written introduction, but it is difficult to stand out or convey your brand. Your own website is for you only, and it can have any color or font that suits your image.

With your own website, you can show all the content you want, the way you want. Most directory sites will limit the number of photos you can upload, and have text length limits. They may also prohibit certain words or certain types of photograph. There isn’t enough space for your beauty and more importantly, there is not enough space to list important information like your policies. There is no limit when a website is your own.

Most importantly, you own and control your site. Directory sites come and go, and they might ban you for petty reasons. Social media accounts get suspended. But if you choose the right host and domain, no one will take down your site.

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