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Why Wix and Squarespace Aren’t Ideal for Sex Workers

They are not sex worker friendly at all.

These services state in their policies they do not allow obscene content, which is vague and can be applied to anything we do. And Squarespace being a USA-based company, it is directly under the effects of SESTA/FOSTA. Squarespace also explicitly states in their policies that they will use your information to cooperate with law enforcement. These services can take down your website for violating their policies. In fact, it has happened already.

This also poses a security concern. If I were a client, I would think twice before I submit my sensitive screening information to a booking form hosted on Squarespace while I’m doing something legally questionable.

They tend to have cookie-cutter design.

With these services, you are pretty much limited to using the template they offer, which all their other customers also have access to. While this makes it easy for someone without professional web design skills to easily make a decent looking website, if you want to show off your unique personality and brand, you might find it limiting.

They can be more expensive in the long run.

With their subscription model, the upfront startup cost is low, but if you think 5+ years, it may be more expensive than just getting a website done and paying for domain, hosting and maintenance afterwards.

What is the alternative?

You can use sex worker specific services like Cuties Tools or Red Cloud Hosting.

My services is affordable and I only recommend hosting services that are located in a place where sex work isn’t criminalized and allows adult content in their policies.

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