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What Your Website Might Be Lacking and How to Fix It

Sites by Jina sex worker escort website blog what your website might be lacking and how to fix it

I like checking out other companions’ websites. They are all great, but sometimes they miss on little technical details and could use some improvement. A website is the biggest part of one’s online presence, so it should be as perfect as it can be! I put together a list of what could be improved on your site and how to make those improvements.

These days, the majority of web traffic comes from mobile devices. No matter how great your site looks on desktop, if your site isn’t optimized for mobile, you will leave half of your visitors frustrated and disappointed. Search engines also give advantages to sites that are mobile optimized, so it’s important to even get people to come to your site to begin with. Making your site responsive, meaning your site changes layout depending on the screen size, will ensure your site looks good on both mobile and desktop.

We want people to read our websites. It should be as easy to read as possible! Font size, line height, paragraph width, and the contrast between text and background color are some of the things you should adjust to make sure the text is readable. Paragraph width should be no more than 75 characters, and contrast between body text and its background should be higher than 4.5 to ensure accessibility.

Web design trends change over time. Of course, you should not follow trends blindly, but there is a difference between a unique, modern website and a website that’s stuck in 2000. Not only is outdated design reflect negatively on your brand, it will make your visitors wonder if you’re even still in business. To check out hot new designs, check out sites like Awwwards.

Making sure your server is optimized and secure improves your users’ experience. As a first step, go to Pingdom or GTMetrix and type your site’s URL. They will analyze the site and suggest improvements.

SSL makes your site secure. Without SSL, most browsers will let the visitors know that the site is not secure. That’s a red flag! Especially if you have a booking form that collects information from clients. It is a must-have. If you want to secure your site for free, check out Let’s Encrypt. Also, force-redirect your users who visit your site via http:// to https:// so everyone uses your site securely.

Compressing saves the bandwith of your host and allows for quicker load time. Enable GZip to make this happen. Also, enable cache. Our websites have booking instructions, rates, photos, etc. that don’t change frequently. By enabling caching, you can make the load speed faster for repeat visitors.

Do you post the files from your photographer straight away? They are probably very large in image resolution and file size, which unnecessarily slows the page down as more than likely the users will see the image in a smaller size. Resize your images and run it through something like TinyPNG to reduce the file size even further.

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